24-25 May - Wines from the our territories: Collio and Carso

During the evening we talked several times about emotions and wine. Is it true then that you can get emotional in front of a glass of white or red? The answer is yes.
We have to thank Pierpaolo Lotto, taster and sommelier, and Willj Mikac, professor and agronomist, we understood that it was inevitable to get involved. All the senses are activated when we taste good wine.
Discovering the wines of the Carso, we observed their nuances, sometimes amber or in other cases an intense red. We smelled spring as well as summer, the wild herbs, the green apple; warm and mature aromas, as in the case of Vitovska Kronos by Bajta Sales.
We tried some fresh flavours, such as the Vitovska Mainik by Bajta Sales which, quoting the words of our guest Pierpaolo, represents the “quintessence of Carso”.
Zahar’s Malvasia, on the other hand, brings with it stronger flavours, while Sancin’s Brut sparkling wine overwhelms with its delicate perlage.
We talked about the history of the vine, its evolution also marked by climate change.
It was an evening full of discoveries and emotions, which demonstrated once again how wine is capable of telling stories and arousing profound sensations.
Thanks go to Pierpaolo Lotto and Willj Mikac for guiding us on this sensorial journey through the wines of the Carso.
To conclude the journey of understanding the wine of our region, today, a group of members was able to visit the “Cantine Produttori Cormòns”. The cellar has the peculiarity of preserving several barrels painted by international artists which have recently been restored. It is from here that the guided tour began.
The members had the opportunity to see the steps the grapes undergo, from their arrival in the cellar, to their pressing, to fermentation and up to bottling.
They tasted different types of Collio wine and were therefore able to compare it with those from the Carso.

May 3rd, 2024 at 7:00 pm - The secret of the albatross' flight

We had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Anna Gregorio as guest of the evening.
His presentation on the flight of the albatross was extremely fascinating, highlighting the profound connection between sailing and nature.
Although still little studied, the albatross is an animal of extraordinary beauty and charm.
The ability to circumnavigate the globe in just 46 days is astonishing, as is the flight technique that we had the privilege of analyzing together with our guest.
But let’s know who Anna is:
Convinced sailor, passionate skier, diver and traveller… but far from tourist destinations.
Graduated in Trieste with a doctorate from the Scuola Normale Pisa in Physics. Master in Space Systems Engineering (Delft). For the last 15 years he has coordinated the instruments on board the European Space Agency’s Euclid and Planck missions. CEO of PICOSATS, a spin-off of the University, which operates in the field of small satellites. He is the University’s representative on the Board of Directors of CIFS (Interuniversity Consortium for Space Physics); member of the scientific committee of the L. Fonda Merit Board (Univ. Trieste); expert evaluator of the European Commission; “invited member” of the COSPAR (Committee On SPAce Research) study group dedicated to small satellites; coordinator of the University’s Space sector research activities. Included in the list of Top Italian Scientists – Physics. In 2020 she was named among the “100 winning Italian women” by Forbes Italia and among the 15 most influential successful Italian women in innovation by Digitalic – “Digiwomen2020”. In 2021 PICOSATS was named among the 10 start-ups founded by women to “keep an eye on” by SheTech, Top500 of Trieste “Companies against the wind” by GEDI, and among the 90 Top Telecommunications Startups and Companies in Italy by BestStartup.eu .

Regatta rules and techniques

On April 5th we had the pleasure of hosting Alessandro Alberti (Tactician and Navigator) and Sandro Fabietti (Tutor UdR FIV), our partner.
We were able to hear about topics that all sea and sailing enthusiasts have in common.
The evening began with Sandro Fabietti who spoke to us about sportsmanship, environmental responsibility and the regatta regulations. He taught us valuable knowledge regarding the racing regulations.
We continued listening to Alessandro Alberti. Alessandro made a historical excursus on the evolution of nautical instruments and, concluding, showed us some useful racing tactics.

Underwater photography with Davide Lombroso

The evening of March 15th, held at our headquarters, had Davide Lombroso as a guest.
Davide is a renowned underwater photographer. In fact, his first passion is the sea, an aspect that unites him with all our members.
During the evening we first understood the importance of respecting our seas, as beautiful as they are fragile.
It was underlined that for us the sea is home and therefore deserves to be treated with care, precisely because it is seriously in danger.
Davide’s photographs are a perfect combination of technique and artistic expression. Together with Elena, model and assistant, he traveled all over the world, immortalizing the beauty of the Maldivian, Caymanian, Spanish and above all Italian seabeds.
To create this type of photography, very in-depth study is required. It takes passion, determination and experience, qualities that our guests certainly don’t lack.
We were fascinated by the diversity of marine life present in our seabed, which is often underestimated. The suggestive images and the hypnotic colors of the fish allowed us to appreciate our gulf with new eyes.

Tasting and learning about oil with agronomist Willj Mikac

“The sense of well-being I feel when I am in the olive grove is what drives me to work the plant and produce the oil”, these were some of the precious words that our host, Willj Mikac, shared with us.
Italian EVO oil is an integral part of our culture; as underlined by our guest, it must be protected and known. We were given lots of advice for conscious choice and consumption of this precious food.
For this reason, Willj, with the contribution of his wife, wanted us to taste four different varieties of oil, accompanying the guests to recognize its different particularities.
The interest you have shown testifies to the profound passion that our guest managed to convey when talking about the world of oil.

All the colors of Polynesia - February 23th, 2024

The first spring-themed evening ended on Friday 23 February.
Our guest was Jasna Tuta, navigator and writer from Trieste of the books “Tutti i colori della Polinesia” and “An ocean of emotions”.
We were truly impressed by his story, the fascinating stories of his ocean sailing experiences in the Pacific Islands.
We were able to listen to the majestic song of the whales, smell the Tiarè flowers and admire the bright colors of Polynesia.
A unique experience, a dream of an hour and a half.